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   The Burnside Home is one where you could can find 4 to 6 to 10 happy, well behaved dogs depending on who is visiting :). Grace, Aura and Lily, pictured above consistently go to work with me - I am a very lucky human and my fellow employees enjoy having them there. They go everywhere with us. I wear a wrist band in case of an emergency that states "Look in my truck - my dogs are with me". 

   We have found that Retrievers in general attract wonderful people which has afforded us an opportunity to meet many wonderful people over the year that have become part of our Golden Family.

   My husband and I have been raising quality retrievers for about 16 years. First Labradors and then Goldens with Labradors here and there. Up until 2018, we have raised one litter in any year – it is not about quantity, it is all about quality. The Sundance Golden Retriever line started with Ruby Marsh Sundance “Marsh” - pictured on the far left below, when I picked her from a litter located in Iowa, in 2007. I specifically pursued a female from a reputable breeder from a different region, so that if Marsh met my health clearance standards (at a minimum), and had the demeanor as an adult that I was looking for; there would be no chance of “in-line” breeding with a sire from the western US. Marsh exceeded all of my standards and was a wonderful companion and competitor in Barn Hunt falling one leg short of achieving her Senior Title. We lost Marsh in 2016.  Momma Marsh was a wonderful Mom to 5 litters of beautiful puppies, sired by three different Sires. I kept a female out of her 2013 Litter, Lil Sierra Sundance “Lily”.

   Lily (2nd from the left) is also a wonderful companion and competitor in Barn Hunt as well as NACSW K9 Nose Work (NW3) and AKC Scent Work Excellent (the sport equivalent to bomb/drug detection dogs). Lily is also an Alliance for Therapy Dogs (ATD) registered Therapy Dog. We share comfort and love in many venues including Renown Hospital, READing Paws school programs, and many venues through the Reno Chapter of Paws 4 Love. Lily has had three litters of pups, in 2016 and in 2017 by the same Sire who is also a Therapy Dog, and her last litter in 2018.  From her 2016 litter I kept a female Sierra Aurum Sundance “Aura”, and I kept a female from her 2017 litter Sundance’s Gilded Grace “Grace”.

   Aura (2nd from the right) Is now 4 years old (April 2016). She is also just wonderful as a friend and companion. Aura loves Barn Hunt and excels at K9 Nose Work (NW3) and AKC Scent Work Advanced as well. She has her Mom’s demeanor and is also registered as a Therapy Dog with ATD. Lily and Aura provide Therapy about two times per week on average. Aura had her first litter in November 2018 and her second litter in December 2019. 2021 will be her third and final litter!

  Grace (on the right below) turned 3 years old (July 2017). She also has her Mom and sister’s demeanor and lives to be loved on. She just obtained her AKC Scentwork Nov Title, LOVES Barn Hunt (Senior) and NASDA Trailing and Locating Level III and Urban Locating Level III, Shed Dog and Trailing Brace. She is also a registered Therapy Dog. For Grace, life is all about having fun that includes learning strong obedience skills/good manners and motivation to search for rats and odor.  Grace had her first litter of 11 in November 2019 and will be bred in April 2021. 

AKC Pedigrees are available upon request

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Marsh                                                             Lily

  Deceased                                                      Retired

Aura                                                              Grace

What our visitors are saying

I am now the proud owner of one of the male Golden Retrievers from Leslie and am delighted with the quality dog I have. I am training my dog for Search and Rescue which requires that the dog be in top physical condition and has the disposition and desire that is required for this demanding work. The upbringing that Leslie provides her puppies gives them a head start for whatever their future may be.

Leslie is an honest and caring breeder who is willing to have potential owners view the puppies anytime they would like and to spend what ever time they need to bond with the puppy of their choice. She is a conscientious and caring breeder and I would highly recommend her as a Quality Golden Retriever Breeder

Georgia Knutsen, Plumas County SAR